Barnett Ghost 420 Revanant Crossbow Full Review 2021

Barnett ghost 420 crossbow

The CRT2 Crossbow is a lightweight kit with a high-performance build. It features 12 features, not to mention its high performance, provided its lightweight and ultra-sleek nature. A dashing 420 fps is available at 149 ft. lbs. A rise in electricity. This is one of the arrows for which any lover will die.

I also channeled into the Barnett Ghost 420 Revenant the fundamentals of visiting online shops that sell arrows and bows. I’m amazed by its features and its many ways of doing things. With a weight of 7.6 lbs, it has an imaginative build. Anybody who knows how to deal with it should use this.

Features of Barnett Ghost 420 Crossbow

features of barnett 420 crossbow

Weight and Height

The Barnett Barnett ghost 420 crossbow weights in total 10,9 lbs, as shown in our table above. The “Ultra-compact body style” with an adjustable length of 31.5 to 32.75 inches is entirely personalizable. Barnett Hyperflite tests an axle of 14.1 centimetres and an axle of 9.3 centimetres when cocked.

For a composite bow, the Barnett Barnett ghost 420 crossbow are not as compact as Barnett says. The TenPoint Vapor RS470 averages 12 cm uncocked, and 6.5 cm cocked in contrast. The Excalibur Assassin 400 TD averages 25 centimeters uncocked and 20.5 centimeters cooked relatively to a recurving archway.

Arrows and Velocity

For one explanation, Barnett named it Barnett ghost 420 crossbow. It will take 420 feet a second to fire arrows! Barnett has equipped a proprietary CNC Machined Aluminium Flight Track for Barnett ghost 420 crossbow, eliminating flight arrow contacts to the hand’s nock and tip.

The Barnett Barnett ghost 420 crossbow has a 25percent improvement in penetration to equivalent effective crossbows and factory arrows, together with the Three 22″ HyperFlite Arrows that Barnett supplies with this Crossbow. The bows are 22 cm long and 380 cm tall.

Application Spectrum

A Halo is given for the Barnett ghost 420 crossbow. Speed 5 – 5 x 32 mm, Red/Green Lit Scope. This range is measured for crossbows that can take up to 425 FPS, making it well suited for the Barnett ghost 420 crossbow.

You will have to make a few changes, and then you can meet your dead goals at 50 yards! With an elementary icon and a pushbutton for the light, it is easy to use.

It has been pretty fun to try the Barnett ghost 420 crossbow on the line. With 2-inch groups, we were able to fire!

Compilation and Decomposition

barnett ghost 420, best crossbow

As “READY TO HUNT Crossbow PACKAGE” Barnett reveals her crossbow. They are then entirely assembled to ship their crossbows. You don’t have anything to create yourself, remove it from the case, make sure it’s sighted and ready to hunt!


Barnett is one of the brands that have built their cabinet cocking systems to promote the cocking process. Many of the archways come with a Crank Cocking Mechanism that can be replaced. Their detachable, integrated squatting systems minimize crossbow capacity by over 90 per cent!


  • FPS 20
  • Crank Cocking System Incorporated
  • Excellent ultra-smooth trigger with zero-creep
  • Too precise
  • Top features at a fair price


  • A bit noisy for a junction
  • Cocker unable to do if the built-in crank cocking unit breaks

What are the fantastic things about Barnett Ghost 420 Crossbow?

One of the first things you note is how beautiful it is about this bow. This is also not just architecture. The Crossbow is super small, with a mere 7.5 pounds. It’s a pleasure to shoot, and baggage around the forest won’t be a hassle. The front is also fitted with an incorporated rise stage. This ensures that you don’t have a lot of weight on the goal front. This is a safer arrangement than the bulky crossbow cocking stirrings.

It also doesn’t lose agility ability, though, nor is it one of the toughest crossbows. It also has some excellent and superior functionality. Let’s take a minute to explore some unique characteristics of the 420s.

Illuminated Scope of High Quality

The arch has a high lit spectrum on the top of the line. The reticles often synchronize with your pace so that each time you make the most precise shot. The lens is one of the significant aspects of the arch, and in low light settings, it is excellent to improve your photos.

Controlling Tech Device Trigger

A Trigger tech control system is provided for this cross-box. It offers outstanding precision, and it is the most reliable trigger mechanism you can acquire to provide you with confidence.

Lightweight Ultra

With an ultra-light case, this Crossbow makes it a pleasure to shot and easy to get through the trees. And pretty lightweight, so the rest of your kit is easy to pack.

Skimmer on one foot

The boom mount is fitted with a simple side mounting cartridge, such that if you need to uninstall it, or choosing a different storage feature, a button would load quickly.

Sling of transportation

A cool sling is also offered for transport. This Crossbow. With this setup, you can quickly put the arc over your shoulder for easy transport without disassembling or storing it. The slope helps you to quickly set up to take your shots when the chance hits.

Montage of a Single Bolt

The Barnett Ghost 420 can also be assembled super quickly. It has two snap pieces together and a single bolt to get into the game soon so that you don’t have to waste all the time trying to bring it together.


We came to the end of the 420 ratings of the Barnett Demon, but what’s this judgment? It’s a pleasure to fire this bow. It strikes hard and efficiently and comes with all the whistles and bells that you have to fire. The illuminated range is suitable for shooting in low light, and the elegant frame and handy sling of the Crossbow make it easier to cross the hunting field without your arm being a burden. If you’re not satisfied with this crossbow then check the list of our best crossbows.

Cocking is the only imaginable difficulty with the bow. To achieve this effectively, some hunters had to shorten the time of the rope cocking system. It also takes some muscle to get this beat ready, and it might make things easier for you to upgrade to a cranking machine. It’s a fantastic shopping experience which will benefit you over the coming years.

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