Barnett Jackal Crossbow Review- Features, Pros & Cons

There are many types of crossbows available in the market and choosing the right kind of compound crossbow can be tough to here is a review. The Barnett Jackal Crossbow is something that is affordable and gives out a high performance so you can check it out.

The features are all amazing and expected from the price range and Barnett Jackal. It is great for beginner shooters but can be a nice choice for advanced and intermediate shooters there is great accuracy, safety at a great price. 

It is good for deer, elk, moose, bear hunting and even targets practising. Basically, the kinetic force is perfect for any legal American game. You will have everything you may require to get started in the packaging box itself so you can just go on practice and experience. There is also a safety and instruction manual which can be helpful for any beginners.

barnett jackal review

The Barnett Jackal Crossbow has very sturdy built and is wonderfully designed for fast shootings for distances up to 40 feet and even more – you will be amazed to find the powerful shots it can produce.

All in all, the crossbow is really durable may it be the material of the body or the limbs. The bow is pretty easy to draw and the entire crossbow is well-balanced giving a lot of support. The accuracy is enhanced along with the supportable body due to the quad style limbs.  The construction is lightweight so you have comfort and more energy to focus on shooting than carrying. It also keeps the fires accurate as there is less chance of your aim getting out balanced due to fatigue. It is as durable as any crossbow can get so giving a great choice.

The draw is a powerful one from the energy wheels at the end of the limbs giving a smooth shot and fast speed. Though the said split style limb is not usually appealing but the amount of balance and accuracy along with safety it brings is commendable. The air resistance reduces a lot more giving more acceleration improving the speed overall. 

barnett jackal crossbow review

The design of the Barnett Jackal Crossbow is military-inspired camouflage-patterned on the very sleek stock. The foregrip gives great comfort and provides better safety in positioning hands. The weight of the crossbow is around 7.7 pounds and a very comfortable 12inch power stroke is there. The trigger is 3.5 pounds making the pull easier but also with the safety feature in mind preventing misfires. The accuracy is improved by the great design of the foregrip and Picatinny rail. The crossbow is finely designed keeping in mind all safety measures. The Barnett Jackal Crossbow has the standard dry-fire inhibitor, giving and enduring a lot more safety to your weapon.

It is just perfect for target hunting or shooting accounting for the great performance of the Barnett Jackal Crossbow. The arrow speed is an amazing one of 315 feet per second with a draw weight of 150 pounds for wonderful catching and shooting of games. The arrow delivery is about 90FPKE. So it perfect for large hunts and games as even in unfavorable weather conditions it will shoot with at least 75FPKE force on the target. 

The riser is made with aluminum thus providing the crossbow with great quality and durability in minimum weight. The shoulder rest is not comforted me but with the price of the bow, it is expected. A little width would have made it just perfect and comfortable. 

The assembling time of the crossbow is also very low due to the clear-cut instructions on the box making the feat done within 20 minutes. 

Though the fact that it is a compound crossbow should be considered as they are quite complex than simple recurves. A key set along with all necessary bolts and scores is provided to making the process all the more hassle-free. 

The scope of accurate to 20 yards and is adjustable whenever required. You may be able to exceed it up to 50-60 yards but the accuracy is top at about  40 yards. After the first sighting, the scope holds zero without any adjustments so there is no sighting challenge. The scope is said to be red dot but it still has both green and red light with a set of five features each, for fixing the brightness. But ensure that you have a proper battery backup as adjusting it according to weather and lighting conditions, can drain away from the batteries quickly. You may not need a reticle scope as this crossbow has the most relevant features and lasts pretty long. If you would like to get new scopes for your crossbow, then you can check out the best crossbow scopes available on market

There is also an included quiver for arrows and you get to have 3 bolts of 20 inch each. The bolts are of good quality and high a total of 400 grain. The fields are not glued so you can switch to some broadheads. They do not break easily on impact but you may need to buy more for a proper hunting trip.

And you get an attractive 5 years warranty. Though you will need to wax and condition the string so that it lasts longer and gives a good performance. The string will most probably give you support to somewhere around 800 arrows with diligent care otherwise it will soon start separating.

The Barnett Jackal Crossbow is perfect for adults and children participating in legal hunting and shootings. It is easy to handle and set up and is great for learning to aim.  In case you’re new to handling crossbows and want to learn more about shooting the crossbows, you can follow the guide on our blog.

  • Lightweight body
  • Compact design
  • Affordable price
  • Decent FP and penetration
  • Great power and speed of firing
  • Energy wheels for better performance
  • Safety measures and better balance
  • No rope cocking device so you will have to draw the 150lbs draw weight every time until you get some additional attachment.
  • A lot of noise is produced as any standard Barnett Jackal. So getting a dampening system will help and some actual hunting can occur.
  • The retainer may need replacement within a year of used continuously as not of high quality.

The Barnett Jackal Crossbow offers good experience at a reasonable price and its features are all attractive from the sleek design to the lightweight and durable structure. Most of the problems and disadvantages it brings can easily be addressed and solved with some additional equipment and a little extra care so it a recommendable weapon to handle and probably perfectly assimilated for any beginner to the pro shooter to learn and enjoy in hinting trips. Overall the experience of using a Barnett Jackal is nice and safety which is the foremost concern that is taken care of by the engineers of the company.

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