Barnett Wildcat C6 Crossbow Review Package 2021

All the crossbow lovers are definitely well aware of Wildcat C5, which is extremely popular among crossbow hunters. Speaking by the numbers, no other Barnett’s crossbow has seen as many sales as Wildcat C5. Just when you thought that Wildcat C5 would be the best Barnett crossbow, they come up with an improved and enhanced version of it, called Barnett Wildcat C6.

Barnett Wildcat C6 Crossbow

In this article, we will discuss and review the new Wildcat C6 Crossbow launched by Barnett and tell you everything you need to know about this crossbow. Thus, if you are looking for a crossbow or if you are looking to buy an upgraded version of the crossbow you are using, then this article will be of great help to you and will help you decide whether you should get Wildcat C6 or not.

● Specs

Wildcat C6 is advertised as a 7-pound crossbow, however, this measurement is without the necessary equipment such as quiver, Arrows, and scope. If we add this equipment to the weight of Wildcat C6, it comes around 11 pounds, which is still a lightweight crossbow and you can carry it for hours when you are out there hunting.

The length of this crossbow is 35.75 inches from the bottom to stirrup’s tip. When it is uncocked, it is 26.25 inches in length, when measuring from the axle. When cocked, the crossbow measures 21.75 inches, which is great for your hunting game.

Barnett Wildcat C6 comes with a draw weight of 125 pounds and a power stroke of 14.125 inches. It is an incredible draw weight when you compare it with other crossbows. Generally, when a crossbow has this much power, their draw weight is nowhere less than 150. However, Barnett has reduced this draw weight in Wildcat C6 with the same power.

● Assembly

Wildcat C6 has straightforward assembly and it doesn’t rocket science to assemble the crossbow. All you need to do is make sure that the strings that you see are in the right place and you need to insert riser on the flight track. Once you have done that, you will now have to place the bolts and nuts, provided to you, to tighten the crossbow. Next, you will have to install the scope, quiver as well as foot Stirrup. It is easier if you have done it before, however, if it is your first time doing so, it might be a bit difficult. Therefore, I advise you to take help from the instruction manual given to you.

Because the Wildcat C6 comes with a draw weight of 125 pounds, anyone could cock it and use it. If you suffer from an arm or shoulder injury, then you can pull the crossbow string because it comes with a crank attachment in the stock. Thus, you can easily cock the bow without applying any effort and enjoy the hunting game.

● Performance​

As we have mentioned above, the draw weight of the crossbow has no effect on the power of this crossbow. With the field point Arrows, the speed of Barnett Wildcat C6 is 320 FPS. However, when you use broadheads along with your bolts, you will see a slight drop in speed. This will have no effect on your hunting medium game, especially from the long-range.

● Shooting Barnett Wildcat C6

Cocking the Barnett Wildcat C6 is a piece of cake, especially because it has foot stirrup which is so big that it can easily fit in the biggest boot which you have. To provide the much-needed stability on the ground once you pull out the string, this crossbow is squared. Furthermore, it comes with a safety mechanism, anti-dry fire, which is automatic. Your crossbow will go into the safety mode automatically, once it is cocked. You can trigger the safety option with either hand, therefore you do not have to worry even if you are a left-handed person. The scope is not the best of the lot, but it still can easily finish the job. Wildcat C6 comes with reticles on lens. This helps you to compensate for distance. Furthermore, you will find indentation on the crossbow’s stock which helps you with resting your cheek and align the scope with your eye.

Shooting your Wildcat C6 will make you realize that it is crossbow has zero vibration and is one of the most silent crossbows which you will ever find. In the C5 version of the series, you, as a hunter, faced a problem of noise as it was quite loud. String suppressor at your service will help you to make your crossbow a silent one.

​Wildcat C6 also has a safety mechanism as it comes with a pass-through foregrip. With the help of that, your fingers will not be in contact with the flight track whenever you are taking a shot.

● Recommended Accessories​

Wildcat C6 is a cheap crossbow that is kind of incomplete for you as you will not find everything you want within the package. Below is a list of things that you need to make your crossbow complete. The things are:

● A carrying case: Whenever you are going out on a trip or even hunting for that matter, the first thing you need for your crossbow is a protective case that will save your crossbow from all sorts of damages. Barnett’s crossbows have special cases that you could buy from online sites for a cheap price. With that, the risk of your crossbow getting damaged is massively reduced.

Barnett Wildcat C6 Crossbow Kit

● Broadheads: Another one of the most important things that you need for your crossbow are the broadheads, especially if you are using the crossbow for hunting medium game and not just for your practice purposes. With the broadheads, your crossbow becomes much more lethal than it already is.

● A Rope Cocking Device: A rope cocking device is one of the most necessary things that you need for your crossbow and it goes for every crossbow that you buy. Having a rope cocking device at your service leads to higher accuracy and it also causes long-distance damage. If you are using your hands for hunting, then it might cause inaccuracy because of the fact that the string then your use will be uneven. Barnett crossbows have their specific rope cocking device, thus, it becomes easier for you to find that on the internet.

● Lube wax: Another important accessory that you need for your crossbow is a lube wax with which your crossbow could easily be maintained by you. If you are looking to spend your money on the crossbow to make it last quite a while, then you must lubricate your crossbow content, especially the flight track and the cables. Ideally, lubricating your crossbow after five shots would be enough for you.

What’s New?

When compared to Barnett Wildcat C5, the latest version, Wildcat C6 offers the hunter a slightly more slick as well as a little more modern look, which catches the eye of the hunter. What’s modern-ish about the Wildcat C6 is that it comes with a black finish and in addition to that, it has Picatinny rails and cut-out stock. The only similarities that you would find in the two are the name and the price. Overall, it is guaranteed that your Barnett Wildcat C6 Crossbow will give you excellent performance and great features.

Is it Good For Hunting?

If you are looking to buy Wildcat C6 for shooting purposes, then you must go for it because this crossbow is great for hunting especially because it has a speed of 320 FPS. All you need to add to your Arsenal are a few broadheads and you will be fully equipped for hunting. As soon as you practice, you will easily kill your prey from a good 50 yards. However, if you are looking to take down big animals such as elk, moose, and bears, then we recommend that you do not buy this crossbow because this is not as powerful to take them down.

Barnett Wildcat C6 Specifications


With the introduction of Barnett Wildcat C6, as a Crossbow hunter, you definitely know what the Wildcat C6 brings to the table. Some of the pros of Barnett Wildcat C6 which make the users fall in love with that crossbow are as follows:

  • You can easily assemble this crossbow.
  • This crossbow comes with a perfect speed of 320 FPS, which is perfect for what you need to hunt down the medium game.
  • It falls within the budget of a person.
  • Wildcat C6 does not make any noise, making it one of the most silent weapons in your artillery.
  • It is easily compatible with crank cocking device


The price of this crossbow is low and you get a lot of features at such a low price. Therefore, you cannot really complain much about the crossbow. However, if we have to choose one, it would be that the scope reticles which this crossbow has, are not as illuminated. This is a drawback when you are hunting under low-light conditions, therefore, it might be hard enough for you to aim.

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