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We are well aware of the sport archery, which is the oldest art form since the Stone age period. Let us not get into the whole history of it and let us today focus on Compound Bows.

The compound bows are used as the modern-day archery, they are considered to be the fastest, powerful, and most accurate design among modern bows. These are widely used for target practices and hunting purposes. The compound bow is in the eccentric system, wherein it includes one string, one or two eccentric (or cam), and two harnesses/ cables. These mechanisms make the limbs of a compound bow more stiff compared to the traditional bows.

Types of Arrows

Now that we have learned some basics about the functioning of a compound bow, let us shift our focus to what kind of arrows are suitable for a compound bow. Let us begin with understanding a few types of shafts which will give us a better understanding of the types further into our article. The types of shafts are:  

  1. Wooden: These are the ones that have been in use since the Stone age period and the time when nomads would wander around for food. They are preferably only used by the traditional archers. As the name itself suggests that, they are made of wood the arrows here tend to break quickly. They are heavy and slow when released and are not at all suitable for a compound bow and are only useful for a recurve bow or a longbow.
  2. Aluminum: Theses include cheap but really deadly arrows, that is why it is hunters favorite. Even though this arrow is considered to be lightweight, it is still seen to be heavy in comparison to the arrows made of carbon shafts. These types can be used in a recurve bow and a compound bow.
  3. Carbon: The main concept behind producing these was, as the technology developed the manufacturing of modern and faster bows started developing, now the consumers started demanding a faster arrow for this bow hence the carbon arrow came into the picture. The most beneficial advantage here is that these arrows do not bend and have a lesser wind drift when shot, this can also be used for recurve and compound bows. 

Now that we are able to understand the different types of shafts, I think we should shift our focus on the Best Arrows for Compound Bows.

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The Best Arrows for Compound Bows

  1. Carbon Express Maxima Hunter: They are the quickest and accurate arrows used for hunting. It is developed by Carbon Express. The front of the arrow is heavier in comparison to rear; it is also very useful for long shooting.
  2. Gold Tip Hunter XT: This arrow has the best stability, validity, and durability ever and is developed by Gold Tip. It has the right amount of power, speed, and accuracy when used with the right compound bow. Plus, this is also available for a reasonable price compared to the others. 
  3. Carbon Express Maxima Red: This provides accuracy and broadhead performance., it includes stiff end and in-flight flexing as well. The hi-tech carbon material makes this arrow fly faster, longer as well as straight. This is one of the best arrows for hunting, especially the deer.
  4. Easton Full Metal Jacket: This is a heavier arrow compared to the other three and has a small diameter followed with a thick carbon fiber wall. The specialty about this arrow is that it is prepared using metal allows, which is made into a metal jacket, in order to reduce the friction in flight which makes it easier to pull the arrow.
  5. Easton Bloodline:  The brand Bloodline, themselves have an amazing set of arrows for hunting and this is a bonus especially for those who prefer using lighter shafts as this one is 0.04 inches and the tolerance weight is 0.5 grain. The above-mentioned lists are the top 5 Best Arrows for Compound Bows, if you feel like checking out some more varieties, then you can definitely do that by either referring to a specific brand or there are many other sites which can provide you with some more option and further details as well.  

As we discuss about we compound bow, we came across the term hunting a couple of times and we would like to share some of our views upon the Hunting Arrows and which one are Best Hunting Arrows according to the ratings and would like to also throw some light over Deer Hunting Arrows and which one is the best among all.  

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About Hunting Arrows

Earlier during the time nomads, hunting used to take place by using a stick and string that were used to create recurve or longbows. We all are aware of how the nomads used to sharpen one of the edges of the stick to use it like an arrow and release it once they set their target on an animal either for meat purposes or clothing. But, the point here is that they learned from the basics of how to sharpen a stick and make the edge of it like an arrow, and learned the limits of how to use it, just like that we should know the limits of the arrow as well as the bow along with which we should have good theoretical and practical knowledge about shooting during hunts. 

When we talk about Hunting Arrows the weight distribution plays a very significant role in focusing on the front half of the shaft it is known as the ‘front of center’ or in simple terms ‘F.O.C’, which basically means that it focuses on the front half of the arrow. The more is the weight of the front half of the arrow, the more is the arrow’s center of balance forward. In the case of Hunting Arrows as well, the front half should have an unbalanced sort of weight which will further lead to a straight flight of the arrow compared to an equally balanced one in the front. For the ones using Hunting Arrows, it is important to have a proper weight forward bias which leads to good arrow perforation. Every Hunting Arrow has a different bow, based on the type of the arrow. 

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Best Types of Hunting Arrows

  1. Carbon Express Maxima Blu Rz:  This is produced by one of the famous brand, Carbon Express. The arrow is lightweight which provides accuracy along with maximum speed and is the shafts of this arrow that are created by using the cross weave called Diamond Weave. Because of so many features, these are expensive but they are worth the money for a good hunting experience 
  2. Easton Aftermath: It has recently been launched which takes on with new addition compared to the other products. In this arrow, has a 0.05 straighten tolerance and the finishing of the shafts has low friction and easy to remove. It is cheap, with high energy and a good amount of speed.
  3. Antsir Outdoors Carbon: The arrow nock here is smooth and shoots straight in any condition, these can be used for both recurve bow as well as a compound bow. Their carbon shafts are lightweight and they include wall thickness which enhances the arrow durability.
  4. Gold Tip Hunter Pro:  The arrows have extremely tight tolerance and the shafts are 0.01 inches, which are perfectly straight. If you prefer arrows with more F.O.C, then this should be added to your shopping list, though it is a bit pricey. 

You could also refer to the above list which mentions Best Arrows for Compound Bows, as there are a few mentioned which can be used for hunting as well.

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 When we talking about the Hunting Arrows, there is a slight difference between and this difference is because every Hunting Arrow carries out different forms of the shaft, length, F.O.C, and weight. So when our focus is to hunt down deer, the arrows are different here as deer are fast runners the speed of our arrow is supposed to be fast well. therefore, some of the Deer Hunting Arrows are: 

  1. BloodSport Hunter Extreme: This is the latest among the Bloodsport brand and is available for an affordable price. It is made with an all-carbon rugged wrap construction along with 0.06 straightness tolerance.
  2. Victory XTOSION: This arrow is a great option for people interested in whitetail hunters and it is a micro diameter and can withstand shoulder blade hits as well. 
  3. Easton FMJ Taper T6: This arrow has an increase of F.O.C as it consists of 6 mm in the front half end and only 4 mm in the back end. This means the arrow can be used for long shootings and it has straightness tolerance as well.

Apart from these, you can refer to the above two lists, Best Arrows for Compound Bows as well as Best Hunting Arrows, as they also include some of the best arrows with great speed and straightness. 

We hope the article was beneficial and covered most about which arrow is better for the compound bows. 

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