10 Best Crossbow Bolts Reviewed For Hunting in 2021

best crossbow bolts

It is important to get the top-notch performance from the crossbow which you are using and to make it a perfect experience, it is important that you have top-quality bolts to get the job done. Crossbow Bolts are extremely important in the hunting process because they are what’s going to help you take down the target, no matter the size. The crossbow bolts create a mixture of speed, strength, and accuracy which always proves to be the difference-maker when you are going on a hunt. You look for a bolt that impacts your target with accuracy and also, precision. In this article, we will discuss the top crossbow bolts which are available for you to use on your bow, which you can use for hunting.

Before moving to the best bolts for your bow, we will talk about the most important factors which you must consider when you are selecting the hunting bolts.

Best Crossbow Bolt 2021 Reviews

The most difficult thing a hunter goes through is choosing the best bolt for his hunting game. There is a lot of variety in the market which makes it all the more difficult for a person to choose the best bolt. However, you do not have to worry about all of that because we have done thorough research on some of the best Crossbow Bolts which are currently available. Here, we will discuss some of the best Crossbow Bolts in detail, which will help you find the perfect crossbow bolt for your needs. The top crossbow bolts are:

1. TenPoint Pro Lite Bolts

TenPoint Pro Lite Bolts

The first crossbow bolt we have on our list is the TenPoint Pro Lite Bolts which is undoubtedly one of the best Crossbow Bolts which are currently available in the market. TenPoint Pro Lite bolts are accurate, fast as well as consistent which is a great combination to have in your Arsenal. If you are looking for a bolt that is lightning fast, you do not have to look beyond TenPoint Pro Lite Bolts. These bolts zip along downrange at a brilliant speed and to add more to it, the speed of the bolt does not affect the accuracy at all. These bolts are fast and consistent as well with which when you hit your target, the bolts are surely going to penetrate that. Every shot will give you immense satisfaction and you will get the results which you want.

TenPoint Pro Lite Bolts’ each bolt comes with a carbon shaft which features a slightly offset fletching. Furthermore, the bolts come with a 25-grain aluminum insert as well as neon-green nocks and another thing included in the package is the 100-grain field tips. All in all, TenPoint Pro Lite Bolts is a great crossbow bolt that you could use especially if you are looking for a fast and accurate bolt.

2. Parker Hunter Crossbow Bolts

Parker Hunter Crossbow Bolts

Next up on the list is the Parker Hunter Crossbow Arrows which are fast, lightweight, and last much longer than other cross bolts. The first thing you are going to notice once you use the Parker Hunter Crossbow Arrows is the reliability of these bolts. Parker is known for its quality bolts which stand strong and the Partner Hunter Crossbow Arrows is no exception either. Once you fire the bolt, it goes with speed and penetrates your target with minimal drop rate in speed and it will reach the target easily.

Each of the Parker Hunter Crossbow Arrows’ bolts comes with capture nocks that are durable to an extent that they can easily go through multiple uses when it is on hunting range. The weight of the shaft is 15 grains per inch, making it an extremely lightweight crossbow bolt. Furthermore, the top in-flight speed of these bolts is faster than any other bolt, after it is released. Something which you must keep in mind is that these bolts should be used only for hunting and not be taken as a fun activity. You will not find field points in the package for practice, so you should look for your own arrangements.

3. TenPoint Magnum XX75 Aluminum Bolts

TenPoint Magnum XX75 Aluminum Bolts

Another TenPoint Bolt we have on our list here is the TenPoint Magnum XX75 Aluminum Bolts which are aerodynamic, durable as well as accurate. In the market, the TenPoint Magnum XX75 Aluminum Bolts have a reputation as the best aluminum bolt out there. With this bolt, you get a hard-hitting bolt that gives you accurate results, therefore, it is a great addition to your hunting package. These bolts come with a 20-inch bolt featuring aerodynamic aluminum shafts, Omni-nocks, carbon inserts, and 4-inch fletching. Furthermore, it comes with 100-grain field points as well, which are already included in the package.

The bolts are so powerful that they fly straight and hit the target with precision and penetrate your target in no time. These bolts are built in such a way that each bolt finishes the job. The bolts stand up well under heavy usage without suffering a drop off in lethal accuracy.

4. Barnett Field Tip Carbon Bolts

Barnett Field Tip Carbon Bolts

Another hard-hitting Crossbow Bolt you have is the Barnett Field Tip Carbon Bolts which specializes in your target practicing as well as taking down the smaller targets in hunting. Not only are the Barberton Field Tip Carbon Bolts hard-hitting but they are durable as well as accurate. If you are looking to go got a larger game, then you can replace the field points with broadheads as well, but it is undoubtedly the top-tier bolt for smaller game and target practice. You can use these bolts repeatedly and these bolts will go straight once you shoot it with zero drop speed.

The 20-inch bolt includes 100-grain field points, moon nocks, and durable carbon shaft. The weight of the shaft is 13 grains an inch and it also comes with an offset 4-inch fletching. This is undoubtedly one of the best crossbow bolts available especially for those who are just starting with their bow hunting.

5. Horton Carbon Bolts

Horton Carbon Bolts

One of the most accurate and powerful crossbow bolts we have on our list is the Horton Carbon Bolts which is precisely what a crossbow hunter needs. This crossbow bolt is tough, plus, the accuracy is just incredible and increases with each shot you take. The penetrating power of these bolts is immense and these bolts go through the target easily. It consistently helps you hit the right channel and the bolt is durable as well.

These are not the only things that you will find in the Horton Carbon Bolts, there are multiple other things as well. Firstly, you can use the bolt multiple times and not just one time. Secondly, carbon shafts this bolt comes with is sturdy and durable. The bolt also comes with 3-inch fletching, neon nock an aluminum insert. It also includes 100-grain field tips.

6. Cabela’s Stalker X-Bolts

Cabela’s Stalker X-Bolts

Cabela’s Stalker X-Bolts is one of the most consistent bolts which are at your service. Consistent and accurate shots are undoubtedly the most important things when you are hunting and Cabela’s Stalker X-Bolts will help you with exactly that. They offer the users a helping hand with these bolts in the arena. The 20-inch bolt shaft has strong carbon fibers which increase the durability of the bolt and makes the spin better. When you hit the target at the right place, these bolts go downrange and take a punch.

When you are getting the Cabela’s Stalker X-Bolts, you can choose between a 298-grain flat nock or you can go for a 300-grain half-moon nock, depending on your choice. These bolts assure consistent flight after they are released, thanks to the 3-inch fletching it comes with. The only drawback is that you do not get field points with the bolts in the package.

7. Carbon Express PileDriver X-Bolts

Carbon Express PileDriver X-Bolts

Carbon Express PileDriver X-Bolts is one of the most powerful, accurate, and heavy bolts which you have at your disposal at such a price range. These bolts come with 20-inch bolts of carbon. These bolts give you excellent accuracy because of the spine consistency it offers, that too with the weight of close to 440 grains. Carbon Express PileDriver X-Bolts come with heavy Carbon shafts and they drop a target with incredible force because the carbon shaft produces kinetic energy. It takes down the large game easily as it hits the target with a lot of power.

You can use half-moon or flat nocks with this. The 100-grain points do not come along with the purchase of this bolt. The power of the bolt is high which you will definitely love.

8. EVO-X CenterPunch

EVO-X CenterPunch

EVO-X CenterPunch is a strong, reliable, and accurate crossbow bolt. It is widely regarded as the most consistent crossbow bolt because they are designed specifically to boost the accuracy of the hunter and they are doing a great job at doing so. All the bolts use a Laser-tech carbon fiber weave which reduces the spine variation by around 80% and also increases the shaft strength by 40%. With that, in the end, you get about a 25% increase in your accuracy in comparison with a generic carbon bolt.

EVO-X CenterPunch is a heavy bolt as well and you do not have to worry about your bolt being broken because the carbon fiber is rated at 33 million pounds per square inch. Furthermore, the 445-grain bolts feature brass inserts, Omni-nocks and 3½ inch fletching. You can also use moon nocks with these bolts.

9. TenPoint Carbon Pro V22

TenPoint Carbon Pro V22

Another one of the TenPoint crossbow bolts we have on the list is the TenPoint Carbon Pro V22 which provides top-notch consistency and accuracy to crossbow hunters. It has a 22-inches bolt which will result in a drop in speed. There is about a 9% drop in the in-flight speed when it comes to the TenPoint Carbon Pro V22. However, their durability and reliability give you the worth of every penny that you spend on these. The bolts are all accurate as well as consistent in hitting the target intended. These bolts are so effective and strong that you can use them repeatedly with the same power.

The bolt comes with Omni-nocks with six microgrooves which firm the three string alignment channels. Furthermore, it also comes with a 24-grain aluminum insert and also has a little offset fletching. The hunters find this a heaven before it is a dynamic package for the hunters.

10. Excalibur Diablo 18 inch Bolts

Excalibur Diablo 18 inch Bolts

Last on the list is the Excalibur Diablo 18-inch Bolts which are currently one of the fastest and most accurate bolts available currently. The Excalibur Diablo 18 inch Bolts deliver incredible speed to the bolt and after the release, the incredibly fast flight pairs with impeccable downrange accuracy. These bolts are hard-hitting as well and you can drop big and heavy games at a great distance in no time and with zero efforts as well.

Excalibur Diablo Bolts have increased weight at the front and also, 2-inch fletch on carbon shaft. Furthermore, they offer users flat-back inserts in order to eliminate the nocks. With this design, you get better contact with string when you are drawing back or when releasing your bolt.

Factors in Selecting Hunting Bolts

bolts factors

Factors To Consider a in Selecting Crossbow Bolts

It is essential that you find a bolt that fits perfectly with your crossbow. One thuggery you must keep in mind is that your bolt should be of the correct size, to meet the momentum, speed, and accuracy, which you require, to get the best out of your hunting experience.

Bolts have some characteristics which were found in the old-fashioned compound bow Arrows used for hunting, but it comes with a few key differences as well. Bolt shafts, which are shorter in length, could fit the shorter stroke of power from crossbow used by you.

The bolt weights combine nock, insert, fletched shaft and field points or broadheads and you also measure it in grains. The bolts which are heavy, they generate higher downrange energy and thus, it can take down the target easily. If you do not know what weight and length is required for the crossbow you are using, you must consult with your manufacturer.

Another important thing is the Kinetic energy when you are choosing different sizes for your bolts. It is important that you select a bolt that comes with a maximum amount of penetration over the fastest bolt. Your crossbow delivers the same amount of force to the bolts every time it launches the bolt, therefore, the lighter bolt will shoot faster whereas heavier one shoots with the higher power.

Crossbow Bolts Weight

Lightweight which is weighed between 350-400 grains
Standard which is weighed between 400-435 grains
Heavy which is weighed above 435 grains

The Lightweight bolts help in increasing the speed of the bolt and they also create a flatter downrange trajectory. However, they come with increased noise, stress and vibration because of which there is a risk of your crossbow getting damaged. Moreover, these are more likely to deviate from the intended target because of outside factors such as rain, wind and even airborne debris. The lightweight bolts are used where judging the target distance from the bow is difficult.

Standard bolts, on the other hand, are essential when it comes to having all-function Arrows fitting in a variety of hunting situations. These standard bolts give you an even balance between Kinetic energy and speed. With increased weight, you get more energy transferred to your bolt. Furthermore, it also helps in reducing noise and vibration and it also provides better penetration power and higher accuracy. Therefore, you can use these bolts in dynamic weather conditions as well, without caring about missing your shot.

Heavyweight bolts, as you would guess, comes with a much greater percentage of the kinetic energy as compared to the other two categories of bolts. These bolts are the best for target penetration. Heavyweight bolts offer the user a better stability under inclement weather. These heavyweight bolts lose the trajectory more easily, therefore, it is imperative that you judge the distance accurately. In dense habitats and poorer weather conditions, heavyweight bolts are the best bolts for hunting.

The Length of the bolt ranges between 16-22 inches and an average size of a crossbow bolt, roughly, is 20 inches. You need to ask your crossbow manufacturer about the length of which you need. Short bolt will interfere with rail upon releasing the bolt.

Diameter of the bolt also plays a significant role, especially in the penetration. Bolts with small diameters cut down easily on the wind drag once you release the bolt. It also offers increased durability and increased penetration power than conventional bolts.

The Shafts are of either aluminum or carbon and both are lightweight materials. They both are durable well. Aluminum shafts are cheaper in comparison and they give you more choices of the spine. Furthermore, they also are not shot as flat and there is also a reduced strength because of an increase in weight. Carbon shafts, on the other hand, reduce wind and they also drift better. Also, they shoot flatter.

Spine has two degrees; dynamic and the second is static. Stiffness of one’s bold is the static spine. Shafts vary in degrees of stiffness. A bolt had a higher static spine if it resists too bending more. Stiffness helps in determining the spine of the bolt. Dynamic spine is how much your bolt bends after it has been fired. It is influenced by various factors such as nock weight, fletching, string force, stating the spine, etc. It also impacts the accuracy as well as the consistency of your bolt.

With the help of a Nock, your bolt is kept in place while you are rounding up to take your shot. It is attached on your shaft’s back and it is made from plastic or aluminum. The crossbow bolts use flat nocks or half-moon nocks. The Half-moon nicks come with a groove that you have to align with the string before you take a shot.

The fins near the back end of your bolt are called Fletchings. The bolts come with three fletchings and they are made out of plastic and vary in the length. With longer fletchings, longer shafts are the best. Fletchings help in stabilizing the bolt’s trajectory and it keeps the bolt from swaying left to right.

Crossbow Heads come mainly in two types; broadheads and field points. Field points help in taking down small game and help in target practice. These are not recommended for taking down a big game because it will, at most, injure the animal, not kill it. Weigh of the field points is usually between 125-150 grains. Broadheads, on the other hand, are attached on the shaft’s tip, exactly like the field points, however, the difference is that they come with the sharper edge which will create kill shot. Broadheads are of three types; fixed blade, expandable blade, and removable blade. They weigh between 125-150 grains as well.

Shaft tolerance makes sure that the crossbow bolt is performing at a greater level. You can easily maintain accuracy as well as the speed on all the shots you take, by having consistency in weight, straightness, and spine.

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It is a known fact that the quality of the bolt plays an important role in determining whether you had one. good hunt or a bad one. If you use below-average bolts, you will never be able to hunt big games or even small games for that matter. You should use the bolts which give you a good balance between strength, speed, durability as well as accuracy. All the above-mentioned bolts are some of the top-quality bolts which are currently available for you. Using any of the above bolts for your hunting is surely going to give you a great hunting experience and will help you take down your targets easily as well. We hope that through this guide, you are able to choose the best bolt available for yourself and make your hunting experience worthwhile.

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