2021 Best Crossbow Broadheads Reviewed For Hunting

crossbow broadheads

A crossbow broadhead is a pretty simple tool which is being used by people ever since the stone age since they were nothing more than sharp stones. With modern technology, the modern broadheads which you get are not as simple as you’d think. These latest broadheads are engineered in such a way that they optimize penetration, aerodynamics, wound diameter, etc, and are an effective killing instrument, especially for hunting.

Crossbow Broadheads are an important tool, especially when you are hunting with a crossbow. It is undoubtedly the most important equipment which you need when you are out there hunting. When you aim at the target, broadhead is the first thing that connects to the target, therefore, you must have a broadhead that will do the damage in one shot. Thus, you need to choose your broadheads wisely so that you can make your hunting experience a successful one.

Because of the recent advancement in technology, there are tons of broadheads that are now available and that makes choosing a crossbow broadhead a hectic task. To help you out with choosing the best crossbow Broadhead for your crossbow, we have made a list of some of the best Crossbow Broadheads which are currently available. Different crossbows demand different broadheads and you must know which one is the best choice for you. It all depends on the distance of your shooting, the game you are hunting, your crossbow’s specifications, etc. In this article, we will help you choose the best crossbow broadhead for your needs.

What Blade Should I Go For? Mechanical Blade or Fixed Blade?

The majority of the modern broadheads come with either a fixed blade or a mechanical one. Asking this question can be a subject of a heated debate where there is no winner. The best kind of broadhead depends on multiple factors as both these categories of broadheads have pros as well as cons.

Mechanical Blades

mechanical blades for crossbow

Firstly, we will talk about the mechanical blades which are a result of modern technology. Such blades were never imagined by our ancestors because they used to carve those flint arrowheads using their hands. Mechanical broadheads fly exactly like the field points, however, they feature large blade petals that deploy upon rather impact. That results in a wider wound which makes a more vital contact to the prey’s more vital organs, entry and exit wounds, and a massive blood trail.

Pros of Mechanical Blades

  • Mechanical Blades broadheads fly straighter in comparison because these expand and fly towards your intended target with their blades tucked and are more like those field points which you use in the practice. Furthermore, it does not have a wing-like blade to catch the crosswind which results in your bolt going off target. With that, you get ensured accuracy.
  • The next advantage of mechanical blades is the damage they do to your prey. As mentioned above that the blades tuck during the flight and expand only when they come in contact with anything. This blade head, which is expanded, becomes larger than a fixed blade broadhead which results in a wider diameter of the cut and thus, inflicting higher internal damage to your game.

Cons of Mechanical Blades

  • A basic disadvantage of having a mechanical broadhead is that it is a machine and after one point of time or when you do not take care of the machine, the machine malfunctions. Modern mechanical broadheads give you more reliability than the older ones, however, you will still see some cases where the blades do not expand as much as they should. This is frustrating for the hunter and it is also inefficient.
  • Another disadvantage of Mechanical broadheads is that when they hit a bone, they do not do well enough and if they catch a shoulder blade upon opening, or rib for that matter, the bolt’s trajectory might shift which will result in you missing the vital organs. You need to give your broadhead at least ½-inch start before the blades deploy, on penetration. With this, your bolt will establish a good direction once it is penetrated and also ensures more accuracy.
  • Opening the blades on mechanical broadheads uses significant kinetic energy that costs in penetration. This deeper penetration could cost you when it comes to big-boned and heavier animals such as bears, moose, elk, etc. Many elk hunting camps do not allow mechanical blades because of their performance on big and heavy animals.

Uses of Mechanical Blades

Mechanical Blades are top-notch for hunting small game and whitetail deer. The accuracy delivered by the mechanical broadheads on animals with smaller zone to hit is next to none. For the small to medium games, sacrifices in penetration are negligible. Mechanical broadheads carve a wider wound channel and also leave the blood trails which could be easily followed by you.

Fixed Blade Broadheads

Fixed Blades For crossbow broadheads

Bearing the rugged or uneven dependability of your fixed blades is extremely difficult. There are multiple options in which the fixed blade broadheads come. You can also remove some blades which makes it easier for you to sharpen your blade and also. Help in sliding the blade in as well as out of that particular place. They still are called the fixed blades especially because they are fixed when in flight as well as the impact. The fixed broadheads are available in multiple grain weights, cutting diameters, and shapes which allows you to choose from different options for the specific style which will suit all your needs personally and preferences during your hunting needs.

Pros of Fixed Blades

  • Unlike mechanical blades, you will not have to go through the problem of your fixed blade malfunctioning and you do not have to worry about them not working. Fixed Blade broadheads do not have any moving parts which will malfunction and they are not affected when they hit a hard bone. Furthermore, there is no wasted energy as well as the time on extending the folded blades. These blades, instead, immediately start to slice their way through to the other side of the intended target. For hunting a big and dangerous game, you must have a fixed blade broadhead by your side because it gives you the much-needed deep penetration as well as the reliability you need to take down your target. The reliability and the penetration power of the fixed blade are miles ahead of the mechanical blade’s broadheads which give them an upper hand.
  • Another advantage of the fixed blade broadhead is that these broadheads are easier to sharpen, maintain and clean as compared to the mechanical broadheads.

Cons of Fixed Blade Broadheads

  • These fixed blade broadheads are not as aerodynamic as the mechanical broadheads which means that they are more affected by the crosswinds. The fixed blade broadheads catch wind quite often and they act like a rudder when the arrow that you have shot is still in the air. With this, your bolt can go off course and miss the target. Even the slightest of course would affect the downrange accuracy and it might affect your hunting experience.

Uses of Fixed blade broadheads

These fixed blades are preferred when you are looking to take down an elk. The elk hunters especially those who are there out west, prefer fixed blade broadheads to mechanical broadheads. If you are planning on hunting big game like bear, moose, mule deer, bison, elk, then you should definitely go for fixed blade broadheads. They are durable, have deeper penetration, and have a sturdy construction which helps in taking down the heavy game.

Which Tip is Best?

Choosing the design of your broadhead tip is also important doesn’t matter which blade you choose for your broadhead. Basically, there are two designs in which the tip comes; the Chisel tip design and the cut-on-contact design.

Chisel tip specifically hits hard on your prey and it drives easily through the prey’s bone whereas the cut-on-contact design tip comes in razor-sharp and it begins to cuts since it hits the target. For maximum penetration, you must choose the cut-on-contact broadhead.

Cut-on Contact has its place but they perform better on the games high are thick hides, tough, and have big bones.

What Is Grain Weight?

Broadheads are measured in grains. Most crossbows need a heavier broadhead with a minimum weight being 125 grains. There is not much of a difference between broadheads for compound bows and crossbow broadheads. The reason behind that is that the bolt’s length is shorter and also comes with an additional driving power which the crossbows put on Arrows.

The first step which you need to follow is to go to your crossbow’s manufacturer and ask him for the recommendations. You must go for a heavy crossbow but make sure that you do not buy a broadhead that exceeds the weight your manufacturer recommended. Heavier broadhead is quite dangerous and it could damage the bow you are using and might also leave you injured.

How Much Do I Need To Practice?

Practice makes a man perfect. Therefore, you must practice as hard as you possibly can because if you do not practice enough, you will miss your shots and no amount of high-tech, fancy and expensive crossbow broadheads can make you hit your target. The ultimate goal of each hunter is to get a clean kill shot as quickly as possible, causing the least trouble and pain to the prey as possible. If your aim is not good, you will miss your shots, no matter how expensive your equipment is. Therefore, once you have bought your crossbow broadhead for your crossbow, the next step for you to follow is practice to an extent that your aims become perfect.

Best Crossbow Broadheads 2021 Available For Smaller Game

Now we know that choosing the best crossbow broadhead might be a difficult task for a user and it might come with a lot of headaches. However, you have nothing to worry about because here, we will discuss some of the best Crossbow Broadheads which are available for you in the market. We have discussed the best crossbow broadheads for multiple categories. All you need to do is scroll down.

Best Crossbow Broadheads for Smaller Game are as follows:

#1 Magnus Bullhead 3 Blade Arrow Broadhead

Magnus Bullhead 3 Blade Arrow Broadhead

One of the best Crossbow Broadheads for small game hunting is the Magnus Bullhead 3 Blade Arrow Broadhead. This crossbow broadhead is considered to be an excellent broadhead for small game and turkey hunting. This comes with a unique design of the blade which gives you a clean kill or it gives you clean miss, there is no in-between. Magnus Bullhead broadhead works best for neck shots and headshots because of the large cutting surface. This crossbow broadhead is undoubtedly the best choice for you for turkey hunting especially because of easy recovery and quick kill.

Magnus Bullhead broadheads are easy to use and are so durable that they can easily stand in tough field conditions. The reason for that is that this crossbow broadhead is made from sturdy aircraft-grade aluminum. Stainless steel is used to make these fixed blades and these blades cut through the prey in no time. It will also hold on to the edge throughout the season.

A lot of people think that lower price means lower quality as well, however, that is not the case with Magnus Bullhead because it is one of the highly effective broadheads which you will find on the market. You simply have to make sure that you are ready for a highly accurate shot. Targeting the turkeys is difficult because there is little margin for error, therefore, you need to make sure that you have pinpoint accuracy.

To use the Magnus Bullhead broadhead, you need to have bolts that are so long that they are in front of your bow’s riser shelf because of the wide cutting diameter it comes with.

#2 Rage Xtreme Turkey Broadhead

Rage Xtreme Turkey Broadhead

The second crossbow broadhead in the list for smaller games is the Rage Xtreme Turkey Broadhead which is designed specifically for hunting. Rage Xtreme Turkey Broadhead is a mechanical broadhead that works extremely well when you are using it on a small game. It has a cut-on-contact design of the tip which is also equipped with a curved meat hook which results in minimizing the lass through. It is a significant feature that will maximize the recovery of small animals.

Rage Xtreme Turkey Broadhead has a swept blade angle that carves a 2-inch diameter of the wound which is massive. Moreover, the Rage Xtreme Turkey Broadhead uses a shock collar blade retention system which ensures that these blades are staying closed up on the shot and they open immediately only after it hits the intended target. That results in a broadhead that performs exactly the same as the field top and it also delivers you the accuracy that you need in order to make the best out of your hunting experience.

Best Broadheads Available For Taking Down Whitetail Deer

Now, we will tell you the best Crossbow Broadheads which are available for Whitetail Deer. Just scroll down to find out.

#3 No Limit Archery Grave Digger Chisel Tip Broadheads

 No Limit Archery Grave Digger Chisel Tip Broadheads

The No Limit Archery Grave Digger Chisel Tip Broadheads is one of the best broadheads which are currently available. What makes this crossbow broadhead unique is the fact that it has a hybrid design and merges the best features of both broadhead types. The main blade is 1-inch which ensures the dependability that you need, just like the dependability provided by the fixed blade broadheads. In addition to that, you get an extra surface for cutting and the wound diameter from the 1.75-inch deployed mechanical blades.

These mechanical blades have a system, called friction deployment, in them with which you do not need to have the O-ring retainers. Design of No Limit Archery Grave Digger Chisel Tip Broadheads is pretty simple which also minimizes the chances of your crossbow broadhead to malfunction. If, in any case, your mechanical blades do not open upon impact, you can still count on your main blade to deliver a reliable cut. These blades are a few of the sharpest blades which you will come across in any of the broadheads on the field. Furthermore, all these blades are 420 stainless-steel.

The No Limit Archery Grave Digger Chisel Tip Broadheads offer incredible penetration power to the hunter and they fly exactly like the field points. Further, they also deliver an excellent mechanical deployment for more difficult shots as well where the big buck is going away.

#4 Rage CrossbowX Mechanical Broadhead

Rage CrossbowX Mechanical Broadhead

Rage CrossbowX Mechanical Broadhead is undoubtedly one of the most popular mechanical broadheads on the market at the moment. It is a top-quality broadhead that you have under your belt. The Rage CrossbowX Mechanical Broadhead features some of the best technology in broadheads available. The noteworthy technology included in this broadhead is the Shock Collar Technology which is used for proper blade retention and Ferrule Alignment Technology (also known as F.A.T) which helps in promoting aerodynamic flight.

Rage CrossbowX Mechanical Broadhead also has a massive cut-on-contact leading edge blade, a sustainable 2-inch cutting diameter, and a razor-sharp .035-inch stainless steel expandable blades. As a result of that, these blades easily carve extensive wound channel which leave an easy-to-follow and a clear blood trail.

Rage CrossbowX Mechanical Broadhead has only one disadvantage and that is the number of parts it comes with. This broadhead comes with a lot of moving pieces. It also has some replaceable parts such as the expandable blades and the leading blade. Therefore, if you end up breaking or losing a part of your broadhead, replacing it would be expensive, time-consuming as well as frustrating.

Best Broadheads Available For Hunting Larger Game

Now we will discuss the best broadheads which you could use for the larger game and taking down the big shots in one go. The best broadheads for Larger Game are as follows:

#5 Muzzy Bowhunting Trocar Crossbow Broadheads

Muzzy Bowhunting Trocar Crossbow Broadheads

Muzzy Bowhunting Trocar Crossbow Broadheads are undoubtedly one of the most powerful crossbow broadheads which you have at your service especially for taking down the big game easily. The Muzzy Bowhunting Trocar Crossbow Broadheads come with a trocar tip and deliver the kind of accuracy you require to take down the big games. They deliver the same precision and accuracy as it is required during the surgical process as they come with a sharp three-pointed tip which is used by the surgeons for their surgical procedures. The tip of this Broadhead is designed in such a way that it delivers superior penetration power. The solid steel ferrule holds form and eliminates the risk of deflection when the broadhead strikes the hard bone.

This broadhead helps in resisting the wind resistance, thanks to the compact design and special right helix blade formation. This also helps in providing maximum stabilization. This results in giving you an excellent flight consistency as well as dependable accuracy and thus making your hunting experience worthwhile.

Manufacturers of this broadhead have engineered them in such a way that they give you a reliable performance every time you take a shot. Their performance with the high speed in the bolt set-ups is noteworthy.

Another plus point of this broadhead is that you can easily replace these blades and all you need to do to replace them, in case they get damaged or warped, is to unscrew the blade and replace it. With this, you can save a lot of money and you do not have to get yourself a new broadhead each time your broadhead hits something strong and hard. There is no risk of your broadhead being damaged with each shot.

 #6 G5 Outdoors Montec 100% Stainless Steel Fixed Broadheads

G5 Outdoors Montec 100% Stainless Steel Fixed Broadheads

Last on the list is the G5 Outdoors Montec 100% Stainless Steel Fixed Broadheads. It is undoubtedly the most deadly and top-tier broadhead which is available in the market. The G5 Montec Broadhead is designed in such a way that it lasts for a long time and is tough as nails. Upon that first look, you will not find it attractive because of its simple design and unassuming piece of steel. However, that is where its beauty lies, it is in how simple the design of your broadhead is.

It will cut through the flesh of your large game in no time. When you are up against big and dangerous prey, this is your go-to broadhead. With this at the end of your bolt, you will take down the target easily. This crossbow broadhead will definitely help you finish the job.

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