Top 5 Best Tactical Crossbows 2021 – Complete Review Guide

Archery has been with humans like the thorns of a rose, from helping us protect ourselves from any danger that could arise to hunting animals for food. The early man survived because of archery, the knowledge of bow and arrow has been passed down generations. In this contemporary world, archery may not play a significant role in survival but is a vital competitive sport as well as a trending hobby. 

Humans have made huge leaps in technology and we have evolved everything from an early age to the easiest possible use, the same has happened with archery. From bows and arrows, we have evolved to crossbows today that take one-tenth of the effort put in by our ancestors but giving a hundred times better results in terms of speed and accuracy. 

Though there are many components and benefits of archery like it improves your hand-eye coordination, you improve your concentration skill and so on but, as time evolves we also tend to evolve with it, and try to find easier ways to learn. Similarly, archery was replaced by. Crossbows are even easier to use than a compound bow. 

Why Tactical Crossbows?

Tactical Crossbows have been in use since the Medieval Ages, which people used to use as a weapon, the equipment is similar to a bow. A crossbow requires less practice than a compound bow. A compound bow has a lot of details and minute mechanisms that you need to be aware of whereas a crossbow simplifies the process and is easier to handle as it does not diminish a lot of your energy like a compound bow does where you need to load and maintain the draw till it’s the perfect opportunity to shoot. It is also more durable and hence you can consider it as a one-time investment. Crossbows offer a higher FPS (feet-per-second) which means they can travel further than compound bow arrow.  The experience of this is just similar to that of using a shooting rifle while hunting.

S.No.Crossbow Name 
1Red Back Tactical Pistol Crossbow
2CenterPoint Tormenter Whisper 380
3Barnett Whitetail Hunter II
4CenterPoint Sniper 370
5Barnett Jackal Crossbow

The Contenders for The Best Tactical Crossbow of 2021

Below we have accumulated a list of some crossbows that have caught our eye and we want our readers to use only the best of the best crossbow

Red Back Tactical Pistol Crossbow

The redback tactical bow from the Spartan race is definitely a hit on our list. It is the best on the market in terms of safety and boasts of an anti-dry protection system. This ensures that your crossbow won’t just go off without you intending to. The Spartan race also includes in this crossbow its patented ambidextrous safety, which is placed on the top making it easy for both left and right-handed people to operate this crossbow. 

In most cases, you need to get a crossbow assembled before use but this bad boy comes with a bow singer making it easy to assemble. The crossbow is clothed in soft-grip making it easier to improve aim and making it drastically comfortable. It shoots approximately 79 yards with a draw weight of 80 pounds, this means even though the draw weight is on the lighter side, this crossbow packs a punch like one of the bigger crossbows. 79 yards is no joke at all and none when it is light and hence more comfortable to use.

Spartan Race offers good quality at an affordable price; this crossbow will definitely not fall apart. Don’t get me started on the accuracy; they have combined a number of variables to ensure it is consistent in hitting the target. Although it arrives in a small package along with an arm quiver, the redback tactical crossbow from Spartan Product Ltd is pure power.


  • It has good accuracy and durability 
  • The model is light in weight 
  • It has easy bowstring system and
  • It has the ability to shoot a powerful shot in an impressive range
  • The money is quite reasonable to purchase this crossbow


  • Most of the users have raised complain saying that the model does not have the self-cocking ability, 
  • Users find it hard to use the cock. 

CenterPoint Tormenter Whisper 380 Camo-Compound Crossbow

CenterPoint Tormenter Whisper 380 Camo-Compound Crossbow

The Centerpoint tormentor whisper 380 is one of the most powerful crossbows out there. It is the best of the best in terms of distance traveled when shot. It takes shooting to a whole new level with amazing accuracy and knockout power. The crossbow has limbs made of quad fiberglass along with computer numerical code machined cams. The tormentor offers the much-needed stealth when it comes to hunting, which is great now when 49 out of 50 USA states have allowed crossbows. It features a whisper silencing system along with a fourteen-inch axle to axle cocking mechanism making it a delight for hunters to move undetected. 

The whisper silencing system makes this a deadly weapon as it doesn’t let any vibrations go astray and alert the prey. The 14-inch axle to axle cocking system lets us manipulate the bow without putting any strain on our arms. The riser is made out of aluminum and the limbs are composite with CenterPoint making sure to lessen the unwanted weight from the tormentor. 

The tormentor also features an anti-dry fire system ensuring the crossbow doesn’t fire on itself when not loaded and damages itself or if loaded then doesn’t injure anyone. 

It is not just the bow that has amazing quality but the spares that arrive along with too; you get a quiver, a cocking rope device, three bolts, and a scope. 

The tormentor packs an FPS of 125 yards with a draw weight of 185 pounds; it also offers a power stroke of 13.5” inches and offers a Picatinny rail to mount other sources of vision. 

It is easy to cock and although the scope provided doesn’t help beyond 30 yards, the Tormentor is one powerful crossbow and amazing at its price point. 


  • It has auto safety and anti-dry fire system, 
  • This model is able to shoot out bolts at 300- 400ft. per second 
  • No sound or vibration, it is silent. 
  • It has a missile-like a velocity range.


  • It is quite heavy to handle 
  • According to many reviews as well, it is apparently better to use it just for a 30-yard shoot. 

Barnett Whitetail Hunter II

Barnett Whitetail Hunter II tactical crossbow

The Whitetail Hunter II from Barnett is made for safe performance every single time. The crossbow comes with an in-built anti-dry fire system and finger safety reminders making it for one safe mission. Barnett always makes crossbows that are sleek and light, above all safe to use.  It is light yet it packs a punch like a powerhouse ready to take down anything.  It is a combination of a high-quality base with abilities beyond its weight, it is compact making it easier to maneuver yet has enough kinetic development to shoot a powerful bolt. 

It draws a weight of 160 pounds along with the feet per second being 350 which is 116 yards. It is the perfect bow for an expert as well as a beginner with its narrow-body yet powerful shot. It also incorporates Barnett’s 4×32 scope ensuring accuracy up to 60 yards. It doesn’t need any assembling as it comes as a full package ready to use. It is extremely powerful with 120-ft pounds of kinetic energy for the speed. 

The Whitetail Hunter II features a TriggerTech assembly. This technology ensures there is a free-floating roller between the trigger and sear, making the trigger extra smooth. It weighs approximately 3 kilograms making it one of the lightest crossbows on the market. 

TriggerTech makes it a highly accurate crossbow and it is super quiet. This bow comes with a lot of accessories including lubricating wax, 4×32 scope, two 20” inch Head-hunter arrows, and a Rope cocking device. 

All in all, this Barnett’s Whitetail hunter II crossbow is beautiful regardless of you being an expert or a beginner.


  • Is the light in weight and its very simple to use
  • You should definitely use it for deer hunting
  • The price is also quite affordable for a model like this 
  • A great number of accessories and most importantly it is easy to assemble this. 


  • Can be slightly uncomfortable for short height people 
  • The anti-fire system makes it difficult to uncock 
  • Most people don’t find the scope up to the mark. 

CenterPoint Sniper 370

CenterPoint Sniper 370 tactical crossbow

To be honest CenterPoint’s sniper 370 comes with only one problem and that is the assembly. If you buy this crossbow ensure that you have local support to help set this up as if you are new to crossbows the instructions would be just too unclear to you. Other than this it is only good things about this crossbow. Having said this Sniper 370 is the tank on the list. It is one of the most powerful and fastest crossbows with FPS of 370 or rather the speed of 123 yards. 

The Sniper 370 offers a fully adjustable fore grip and hence makes it compatible with all levels of expertise. It provides an accurate, noise, and vibration-free shot. It also includes the anti-dry fire system with auto safety. This ensures that your crossbow won’t just go off without you intending to. Sniper 370 has a draw weight of 185 pounds making it powerful enough. 

The narrow black body is stealthy and durable; the shortness of the crossbow makes it easier to cock. It has quad limbs featuring computer numerical code machined cams ensuring full accuracy and making it easy for shooters of all levels of expertise. The screws are made of metal and it is resistant to accidental falls making it ever so more durable.  It comes along with a five-year warranty.  The adjustable stock makes it a crossbow to be desired by all. 

It includes a quiver, three 20” inch carbon arrows, 4×32 scopes, and a rope cocking system. The auto safety and anti-dry fire are ambidextrous making it easy for both left and right-handers to use it. It is light due to the aluminum, making it light to maneuver along.  It comes with a Piccannity rail where you can put laser if you wish to. 

All in all, it is one powerful crossbow just like its counterpart CenterPoint’s Tormenter Whisper 380. 


  • Lightweight and compact which makes it easy to carry it around
  • It provides good grip scope which can be adjusted
  • The price is similar to the ones in the market 
  • high velocity as well which most crossbows don’t carry out.


  • The instructions aren’t that clear 
  • The front of the crossbow is sort of heavy to handle. 

Barnett Jackal Crossbow 

Barnett Jackal Crossbow

I’ll be honest, Barnett’s jackal crossbow isn’t one of the most powerful ones on the market but I have included it here for all the beginners pondering over from where to start. This crossbow is light, safe, and reliable. It has a medium level stroke at 12’ inches along with enough kinetic energy at 95-foot pounds to take out a big game. 

It draws a weight of 150 pounds making it quite powerful for a beginner crossbow. The velocity of Barnett’s jackal Crossbow reaches close to 315 FPS which translates to 105 yards. This bow is designed on a split-limb blueprint with up to the mark safety measures making it the best entry-level crossbow. 

This bow fulfils all needs that shooters have in regards to accuracy and ease of operation. It is narrow with a sleek military style. The outside is covered in camouflage print making it a one of a kind experiences for shooters. It also offers a Piccatinny rail to mount other sources of vision along with a synthetic cable and string system.  Unlike other crossbows, this one doesn’t need assembling and comes as a single assembled piece in the package. 

It also comes with a five-year warranty, a 4×32 scope, a red dot sight, three 20” inch arrows, and a detachable quiver. It has been on the market ever since crossbows became a sensation and is pretty hard to find these days but there is no other like this one to get you through the basics.


  • An excellent choice for those who want to begin learning it.
  • It is also appreciated by the intermediate archers as well.
  • It comes along with great kinetic energy with great speed, accuracy as well as performance. 
  • It is lightweight 
  • Auto- safe cock mechanism.


  • It is too loud and noisy when the shots are fired
  • It does not include a cocking device which has been complained about by a lot of people 
  • Many people feel that a few years down the lane, you will have to purchase a new crossbow itself. 


From this list the best tactical crossbow we found to be CenterPoint’s Tormenter Whisper 380 Camo-compound crossbow considering the quality and affordability.  It is the most powerful, fastest, and easy to use crossbow available in the markets until now. 

But when you choose a crossbow for yourself remember to keep in mind the safety controls, draw weight, net weight, power stroke, and ease of use in accordance with your physical capabilities.  It should also depend on for what purpose you are buying the crossbow and if hunting what size of the game, you are looking at. Crossbows are definitely easy to use when compared to compound bows. Archery is now a sport and crossbows are a really good start. All we can say is Crossbows are really fun and easy. Let us know which crossbow you found to be the best and why down in the comments box. 

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