Crosman Centerpoint Sniper 370 Crossbow Review – Compound Crossbow

Archery and hunting have been the kind of sports that people have enjoyed since very ancient times. But the ways these sports have been carried out have significantly changed. Earlier archery and hunting were performed using a bow and arrow. However, now there are more advanced versions of them in the form of a compound crossbow. These are a combination of vertical crossbows, compound, and rifle technology and offer higher accuracy during archery. And while there are many such crossbows around the corner, we came across this Centerpoint Sniper 370 Crossbow built by Crossman, and here is a review of how we found it to be.

Centerpoint Sniper 370 Crossbow Review

centerpoint sniper 370 crossbow review

The Centerpoint Sniper 370 Crossbow is one of the best crossbows that entry-level archers and hunters can pick up for themselves. This crossbow with a split limbs design and a CNC aluminum metal riser and stock is highly reliable and sturdy and provides excellent accuracy and precision while you take a shot with it. The split limb design also adds up to the visual appeal of the bow, and it looks great in your hands.

One more fantastic thing about this crossbow is its amazing ability to camouflage with the natural surroundings with its non-reflective black surface or a combination of a black and jungle surface. This makes it easier for you to blend into the environment while you are hunting.

Moreover, the crossbow will come with all the essential accessories that you will ever expect to come along in the package. And it will certainly contain a one or two extra accessories too. When you open the package, you will find the bow at first and with it, there will be a four-arrow quiver, 4×32 scope, a cocking rope, a shoulder sling, and three carbon bolts of twenty-inch each. Besides that, you will find an owner’s manual as well as a warranty card. With such a range of accessories in it, this crossbow is also a fantastic catch for its price, and you are sure to find it is highly affordable.

Let us have a look at some of the major pros and cons of this crossbow.


With all that said, let us examine this bow quite more in detail for its features and performance regards every aspect that a hunter or archer will look for in a compound crossbow.


You can expect to excel in the bigger games with the power this crossbow offers you. The average kinetic energy that you will need to put in for having a good shot with this crossbow is about 75FPKE, and with that, you get a fantastic velocity for the arrow at 370fps. So, the bow will shoot the arrow with massive power and the arrow will essentially have the speed that is required to make it in the big hunting games.


Accuracy is what you need the most when you are in a hunting or an archery game. You really want to hit the bull’s eye every time you aim a shot. And you can get this accuracy with this reliable Centerpoint Sniper 370 Crossbow. You can be assured to hit right at the aim with this crossbow within a forty yards range and sometimes even in a fifty yards range. This accuracy mainly comes from the designing of the crossbow, which features split limbs and a CNC aluminium metal machined cam. With that level of accuracy, this crossbow is one of the most reliable weapons that you can have in your hands.

Ease of Use

You don’t want to keep facing trouble while you are using your crossbow. A hunting game is fast and demands you to be very proactive. And for this, it is essential that you be at ease with using your weapon. And you can get that with this crossbow.

The first benefit of the ease and comfort comes from the inclusion of all the necessary accessories right within the package. So, you need not go on a lookout for all the accessories to actually start assembling your crossbow. However, the assembling could be quite tricky for this crossbow even with all the accessories right at your hands.

Although there is a user manual that guides regarding the assembling part, you will hardly understand it. It will still be quite easy for you if you have been assembling these kinds of bows. But if you are someone who is a first-timer, it is best that you take technical assistance to have your bow assembled the right way. And once this is done, all the problems regarding the bow are at bay and its a breeze to use this bow.

The shooting is easy with the adjustable stocks in the bow. You have both a foregrip and a buttstock so you can decide on what setup you want to use the bow. The lightweight of the bow makes it easy to carry, and the pistol grip makes it quite handy to be used for quick shots.

Also, you need not be worried about a premature release of the arrow at any point in time. The trigger is covered with a sufficient amount of creep to prevent this. However, this creep will make it quite a problem to quickly press the trigger, but once you get used to it, you won’t think of it as a big problem.

Moreover, cocking the device is also extremely easy due to the rope cock that comes with the bow. So, with this rope cock, you can easily pull back on the device without stacking despite the fact that the draw weight of the bow is quite heavy.

One downside that you will face with this bow is with the bolts. The bolts that come with the bow in the package contain 375grains which is not ideal for giving out an excellent performance. If you really want good performance with the bow, it is best that you get the bolts separately and make sure that those separate bolts contain at least between 400 to 425grains.

Also, if you are someone who prefers still-hunting, you are in for some exertion. Although the entire bow is lightweight, its front is particularly heavy, and this could cause quite some discomfort in the usage of the bow. Besides that, overall, you can expect fantastic ease of use with the bow.

Noise Suppression

Even the slightest of the noise can make the preys alert, and they can get away, leading you to miss your aim. So, it is crucial that you have a bow that has good noise suppression qualities. And you can surely have that with this crossbow. It has string suppressors to reduce the vibrations and control the nose. Moreover, the rubber-coated foot stirrups also help with the suppression.

Quality of the Optics

The visibility that you get in the crossbow matters a lot for the accuracy of your shot. You can get high visibility in this crossbow at almost any time of the day and in nearly every season with its illuminated scope with five different levels of brightness in it.


Using a crossbow could be dangerous. There can be incidents of accidental firings which can harm you or others. So, you need to be very careful when using this weapon. The Centerpoint Sniper 370 Crossbow comes with fantastic safety features such as anti-dry fire mechanism and safety release features that make it an extremely safe weapon.


Considering the aggressiveness of the purpose for which this product is used, you want it to be made of heavy-duty materials for achieving high durability. This crossbow is made of CNC aluminium metal which is more durable than the regular cast aluminium and thus provides high tolerance and strength with the longevity of usage. Moreover, there is also a 5year warranty on the product, which further assures on its durability. 


With all the features that it comes with, you can achieve excellent performance with the Centerpoint Sniper 370 Crossbow. Although there are some downsides to it, like the difficulty to set it up and the heavy front that makes still-hunting quite cumbersome, it is overall a fantastic product for you to play large hunting games. And what more, you get it at a very affordable price.

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