Horton Innovations Storm RDX Crossbow Review 2021

Horton Innovations Storm RDX Crossbow

Horton Crossbow is known for making some of the finest crossbows in the industry, and they are one of the leading firms in this field. The Horton Crossbow Innovations Storm RDX Crossbow is just one of their latest additions to the list, and they have not disappointed this time as well. The basic information and key features of Horton Crossbow Innovations Storm RDX Crossbow is as follows:

  • Price: $1,299.99
  • Draw weight:  165 lbs.
  • Power stroke: 16.5”
  • Velocity: 370 fps
  • Kinetic energy: 122 ft/lbs
  • Length: 35.25”
  • Axle-to-Axle width: 15.5” when uncocked, 10” when cocked
  • Overall weight: 8.2 lbs.

Horton Innovations Storm RDX: First things first

There are a lot of things to say about the latest Horton Crossbow Innovations Storm RDX Crossbow, which has been made with some of the coolest features that you may not find in any other crossbow in the same price range. It’s a cool, elegant – RDX crossbow with reverse-draw technology – RDX means Reverse Draw Crossbow. It is a compound crossbow that has adjustable butt plates with three positions, and a vertically adjustable (in 7 position cheek plate that will give you a true custom feel when handling this crossbow. It can be used for small game hunting, deer hunting, target shooting, and many other activities. It’s a superfast, supercool crossbow that has a very narrow ATA.

The complete package of Horton Crossbow Innovations Storm RDX Crossbow consists of following things:

  • A4 * 32 mm multi-reticle scope
  • 3 Horton Victory 20” arrows with 100-grain field points
  • A quick detach quiver
  • An ACUdraw cocking device

Design and Comfort

Horton Crossbow Innovations Storm RDX Crossbow has a reverse limb design that provides strength to the crossbow, but it feels much lighter than its actual weight while handling. The riser and reverse limbs also shift the center of gravity backward, thereby providing great comfort and control to the shooter. This crossbow is very smooth to handle while shooting. The new arrow retention brush has 3 sets of bristles, and they really make a difference when it comes to silencing a shot, and also while aligning the arrow in the center of the track. Altogether, these features make shooting with this crossbow a matter of comfort and accuracy.

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For a Quiet Shooting Experience

There is not much assembling work for any reverse draw crossbow, which is the same in the case of this one too. All you have to do is to mount the scope to the dovetail mount, attach the string stop block, and foot stirrup to the riser – that’s it. Also, shooting with Horton Crossbow Innovations Storm RDX Crossbow is a matter of silence – it is very stealthy and quiet. The dual string stops help in reducing the vibration, and the new arrow retention brush eliminates the metallic voice that is usually heard when we shoot a crossbow with a metal retention piece. Thus, it is a quiet crossbow that will provide you with a voiceless shooting experience. Also, the cocking system of this crossbow is very easy, and you will just be required to use your index finger to cock the crossbow.

Sighting and Scope Quality

To sight in your scope is a very important task, and the latest Horton Crossbow Innovations Storm RDX Crossbow has made it quite easy. It has provided a good quality scope that includes the TenPoint 3X Pro-View xbow scope. Though it has some deficiencies in proper yardage markings, it’s a pretty one – nice, bright, and illuminated. It has 4*32 scope and is graduated for 20, 30, and 40 yards shots. And the floating dot is placed for the 50 yards marking. It will be comfortable to use it for close-range hunting activities and longer shots, once you get used to with its yardage markings. Though you may find it uneasy to adjust at the beginning, understanding the sighting process and scope quality will help you to get the required speed and claim your target, as you keep going with it.

Power and Accuracy

When it comes to power and accuracy, the latest Horton Crossbow Innovations Storm RDX Crossbow is a perfect choice for you. Once you get used to it and have it properly sighted in, then it will provide a great shooting experience. There is no problem in targeting the close-range shots, and as you keep on increasing the distance in yards, you just have to line up the shot properly and it will provide you great accuracy in shooting. The Storm RDX crossbow deals out 122 foot-pounds of kinetic energy, as for the accuracy of the shots.

Finding The Best Arrows For Shooting

Horton Innovations Storm RDX arrows

The package of Horton Crossbow Innovations Storm RDX Crossbow comes with three 20” Horton Victory carbon arrows, and they are the best suitable choice for this type of RDX Crossbow. They come with Superbrite Omni-Nocks, and have enough spine to handle a 370fps crossbow. If you want to have more than three with you, make sure that you go for the same quality 20” arrows.

The power of the crossbow, combined with the stealth, the portability, and the narrow 10” axle-to-axle distance when cocked – all these features make this RDX crossbow one of the best crossbow models that we have ever seen. It will provide you with a great shooting experience while hunting or even target shooting, something which may not have been possible to do with the traditional equipment like rifles.

So, after discussing so much about the Horton Crossbow Innovations Storm RDX Crossbow, let’s have a quick look at some of its major pros and cons:


  • Very fast, very powerful crossbow
  • Very quiet to use
  • Amazing center of gravity
  • Extremely comfortable t to handle
  • Useful for close-range shooting and hunting


  • Quite a heavy one to handle.
  • The scope is not calibrated properly for the speed.
  • Improper yardage markings make it difficult to adjust in the beginning.
  • Comparatively expensive investment for an RDX crossbow.

All said and done, the latest Horton Crossbow Innovations Storm RDX Crossbow is one of the best RDX Crossbow in the latest times. With a price of over $1000, it is something worth buying, looking at the number of features and the comfort that it provides. If you compare this crossbow with the others at a similar price range, you will find that this one dominates others in all categories – be it the design, the structure, the arrows, the power, the accuracy, everything. Plus, it has been manufactured as a stylish model with a catchy look, and yet it does not affect its working. Because it has been observed that a unique style acts as an obstacle in the efficient working of many crossbows. But it is not true in the case of Horton Crossbow Innovations Storm RDX Crossbow. Thus, if you are looking for the best crossbow that will be worth buying, then for this one – it will surely not disappoint you.

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