PSE Drive R Compound Crossbow Review 2022

There has been a growing trend among the hunter and archers towards compound crossbows these days. And why not? These amazing weapons that feature a combination of a vertical crossbow, compound, and rifle are known for their high speed, performance, and accuracy while shooting. With that performance and speed, these crossbows are the best things that you can have for your next hunting game. And although there are many crossbows that you can find out there in the marketplace, here is one that is precisely our favorite. This is the PSE Drive R Compound Crossbow. We love it for its design, features, performance, and of course, the price for it has a much lower price tag than what most other bows of this kind come for. And here we are to tell you why even you should love this bow with this detailed review of the product.

PSE Drive R Compound Crossbow Review

PSE Drive R Compound Crossbow Review

The PSE Drive R Compound Crossbow, as we said, has features that you will fall in love with. The first thing that you are going to love about it is the fantastic structure of the bow.  It has a base height of 6 ¾ inches and an axle-to-axle of 30inches. The IBO is 328-336. With that structure, the barebow weighs just 3.8lbs, and even after all the assembling to make it ready for shooting, it will weigh only 5.2lbs. This makes it extremely lightweight, and you can easily carry it along with you on your hunting expeditions without straining your hands even a bit.

Another thing you are going to love about this bow is its price. It comes at an extraordinarily low cost that is really a catch. You can get the barebow at $499 and the ready-to-shoot bow at $699. Both these prices are a great catch. And what more you can get them in various colours that look great. 

With all that said, let us further get into the details of this crossbow as regards its features and look for its shooting performance, speed, and sound.

PSE Drive R Compound Crossbow Features

The features of this crossbow are what make it a catch and something worth your money. It has every feature that you will ever need in a crossbow to excel your hunting or archery games. There are drive style cams in this bow which adjust for the draw length. The single cable stop is great to act as a wall at the bottom. With that, it can be tuned easily and is exceptionally smooth on the string with a fantastic draw cycle that works great for the speed of this bow.

It has polymer limb pockets with split limb technology which are great to provide high accuracy while shooting and also give an excellent look to the bow. The axle is compact with a 30inch axle-to-axle. This makes its frame short, and it is easy for you to handle it.

Another great feature is the limb dampeners that are great to cancel out the noise caused due to the vibration of the limbs while shooting. The string sets are also a catch. These string sets are great for the usage and provide excellent speed and performance, and you can use them very conveniently without much hassle. Also, the drawing back is easy with the new roller glide, which can fit into almost any crossbow.

One more feature that makes this crossbow a better product is the use of a machined riser in it instead of the cast aluminium that most of the crossbows use. With this machine riser, this crossbow is much stiffer. Moreover, this machine riser aids with controlling the noise and thus the bow causes much lesser vibrations and is a lot quieter than any other bow.

With all these features, this bow, of course, looks like a fantastic catch for the hunters and archer and this fact can be more evident with the reviews for its performance regarding the shooting, sound, and speed.

Shooting from the Crossbow

One of the most essential thing that you will look for while shooting a crossbow is its grip. The better the grip, the more the control, and the more accurate your shot is. And you can expect fantastic grip with this PSE Drive R Compound Crossbow. It is not very small, not very large. In fact, the grip of this crossbow is just perfect to be handled by all kinds of hands.

Coming to the shooting part, it is excellent, and you can get extremely neutral shots with it. Also, you can draw it really well. The draw cycles are smooth, although it will slack halfway through and you will feel some weight; still, you can pull off easily with the smooth transitions. 

Also, it is excellent for shooting in any style. You can lean use it for still-shooting, or you may lean down to the ground or hold on to the support of something. This crossbow offers that comfort with the shooting. Even the back walls in this bow are great to support shoot back tension style shooting or pull-through shooting. So, you get to use a wide range of shooting styles, ideally almost every shooting style with this crossbow.

The string angle is fantastic as well, and you can be sure that the arrow will fall at the perfect angle as you had expected.

So, with all these things about the shooting with this bow, it seems pretty much a fantastic product that offers excellent performance while keeping you at a very comfortable and easy usage of this bow.

Sound of the Crossbow

When you are hunting, you do not want to make even the slightest of the sounds. The ears of animals are incredibly sharp, and they may get alert even with the sound of your breath. And this will simply mean that you would miss your shot. So, if you want to be hunting and hunting well, you need to be quiet, and that goes with your weapon too. If your crossbow makes noise as you shoot it, then the chances are that your prey will escape before the arrow you have shot, reaches it. So, it is necessary that your crossbow is quiet, and even the vibrations do not make any single noise. And this you can have with this PSE Drive R Compound Crossbow.

It has very low decibels of sound when it is shot. These are even lower than the decibel range at which an average person can hear. So, you can be assured that these crossbows stay incredibly silent. This is due to the dampeners on the limbs. These dampeners are what cancels out all the sound. Moreover, these limb dampeners also cancel out the vibrations on the limbs which help you handle the crossbow more easily because you will not feel the stinging from the heavy vibrations of the crossbow as you shoot it.

So, with all the things that it has, you absolutely do not have to worry at all about the sounds from your crossbow, and you can be sure that your prey will not even have a hint of your presence or of the fact that an arrow has been shot at it.

Speed of the Crossbow

Another significant consideration for a crossbow is its speed. You need your arrow to go down at high speed after you release it from your bow. Only a high-speed crossbow will have you win your archery and hunting competitions. The more the speed of your arrow, the sooner it is going to strike the target. And the sooner that happens, the earlier you get prepared for your next shot. So, you have to demand speed in the crossbow if you really expect an excellent performance from it.

With the PSE Drive R Compound Crossbow, you can necessarily expect great speed. This crossbow shoots the arrows at a speed of around 330fps which is pretty amazing. With that speed, you can be sure to have a lot of shots for your complete hunting expeditions. Moreover, with this speed, the accuracy of your shots is never compromised.

So, with this crossbow, you get high speed in your shots along with the assurance that it will hit just at the point you had been aiming, right in the bull’s eye.


So, with all the above details about this PSE Drive R Compound Crossbow, it is pretty evident that it is a fantastic product and an excellent weapon for you to use on your hunting expeditions and archery games. With the features that this crossbow offers, you know that you have a good quality product in your hands that is sturdy and durable. Talking of the performance, it stands up to every measure of a high-performing crossbow. Its shooting is excellent, it is quiet, and you can have high speed and accuracy when you release your arrow from this crossbow. What more do you need? With all of this, this product is undoubtedly one of our favorites and a go-to for our hunting and archery games, and I think it will even become your favorite when you start using it.

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