Different Types of Crossbows

The origin of crossbows can be traced back to the 4th to 5th century BC in East Asia. The designs have evolved with requirements from the equipment and a very futuristic look has overtaken a majority of the designs available in the market. From target practicing to hunting – crossbows present a range of activities open to practicing it. Here we will talk about the different types of crossbows, so that, next time you decide to buy a crossbow you will know what you are looking for and will have a strong reason behind the investment.

Recurve Crossbow

Recurve Crossbows

The recurve crossbow can be considered as one of the oldest version of prehistoric crossbows found in East Asia. The name ‘recurve’ comes from seeing the crossbow has, that is, the delicate curvature in the limbs which helps in keeping the string in place providing safety to the user and maintaining the functionality of the crossbow. 

The majority of crossbows are made with Magnesium and Aluminium and sometimes even carbon for weight issues and better aim. This recurve bow has a longer draw than other crossbows allowing a high range of shots and hunting of bigger aims. The force is also increased due to the momentum and better projectile, though the added noise and recoil can be unpleasant for some users. It is the perfect equipment for pro shooters or hunters.

But the major problem with recurve bow is the strain on the string leading to it’s wearing down in a short period of uses. These recurve crossbows are heavier and larger so it can be quite inconvenient in modern times to carry. The maintenance cost is also increased even if one goes for better quality strings as the price is going to rise and with normal strings, one will need to replace the string frequently.

Rifle Scope

rifle scope crossbow

It is the most modern equipment and the most convenient hunting instrument. It has features like better technological advancement, fibre frame and foot pull, which gives it the accuracy and balance of a rifle. They are wonderful for long-ranged hunts and can make hits up to 250 feet distance. 

The handling of the equipment is also better due to the narrower frame that is only 6 inches. This specially designed frame of the crossbow makes it good for dexterity and varying on rough terrains for long terms. It has a mindblowing rail system which makes during bolts an amazing experience accounting to high velocity and zero friction.

The only disadvantage this weapon brings is the amount of power required for a perfect shot. Also, the working method is difficult to get and the price is on the higher side.

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Compound Crossbow

compound crossbow

The compound crossbow is probably the most popular crossbows used by people. The design is quite similar to a recurve bow but the frame is sturdier and shorter. The price of a compound bow is also reasonable and it brings a lot of dexterity and versatility to the equipment. The stiff build and strength are perfect for hunters as there is little to no worry about getting the crossbow dirty. The construction material is synthetic so the chances of breaking are reduced and the weight is also low making it easier to handle. Being weather-resistant and giving accuracy can be the strongest point of commendation for any crossbow.

The compound crossbow comes with a dual-limb system that is the string is connected with a pulley and then linked with both limbs of the bow. This design is perfect for less vibration and recoil thus saving a lot of energy and making fast shots. 

The bow is again narrower than recurves making it good for handling. The compact structure and less noise make it a good crossbow to choose.

This bow is complicated to maintain as they require special tools and techniques in restringing. The accuracy rate can also reduce if the crossbow falls. The material used to build it also heavy. Though it is good for hunters downsides are always there.

Repeating Crossbow

repeating crossbow

It is among the most simple to handle crossbow as the exception if shot takes only one movement. It is probably the most convenient crossbows and shoots three times after that ordinary crossbows. It is perfect for beginners as you can opt for multiple shots and get your skills right.

The performance can it be enhanced so it is not popular among hunters and the mechanical working technology doesn’t leave anything left to the user for improving. The only thing it brings is speed and learning to make accurate shots. 

Other Types of Crossbows

There are many types of other crossbows available on the market than these mentioned above with different kinds of uses, pros, and cons. Therefore be mindful of what you invest in as there are many options to look about. But make it a point to buy your crossbows from a registered seller to prevent any frauds or quality problems.

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